VDO : Country Presentation on Experiences on the HIA by Pak Larry Maramis , Indonesia

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 Pak Larry Maramis , Asean Secretorial Director Cross-Sectorial Cooperation Director, Asean Secretariat , Opennin Sessions And Keynote Addresson \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" The Perspective Of HIA In Asean \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"

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HIA And Any Form Of Environmental Assessment Are Already Been Conducted At The National Level. And Integrated In Multi-Sectoral HIA Can Achieve The Vision Of ASEAN 2015. We Believe That HIA Can Influence The Issues In The Numbers Way. HIA As A Health Tool To Underscore Strengthen The Documents Processing, Adopt In Raising Awareness And Strong Advocacy Factor In HIA. Also Important Development Link That HIA Has By Identify Nature Impact Of Specific Issue Of The Proposal. Also Identify The Practical Way By Being Together In Strong Community Of Practice And Leader In The Issue. HIA Has Strong Basis In The ASEAN Blueprint And Here The ASEAN Government Framework Namely SOMHD And Most Higher Health Body Is AHMM To Adopt In Health Strategic Framework In HD.

The Outputs And The Recommendations Of This Workshop Will Have To Be Presented To The Next SOMHD Which Will Be Schedule Next Month In The Philippines. And Any Of These Recommendations Can Be Endorse By SOMHD And Later Escalate To AHMM.

The Interesting Of This Particular Workshop Is That It Will Use The Basis Of The Flooding In Thailand And We Regard That It’s Important Case That Examine Detail And How The Impact Of Non-Health Issue Can Be Obligation On Health So This Will Be Personally For Me An Important Outcome Of This WS Coz I Deal With Issue Of Cross-Sectoral Coordination.

More Than Ever Before, ASEAN Has Been Looking At This Issue In The Detail. We Have A Strong Charter And Blue Print Underline Each Charter.

This Has Resulted In Very Clear Definition Of Our 3 Pillars. Our Importance For ASEAN As We Move Toward The ASEAN Community By 2015, This Is A Much Stronger Relationship Between Other Pillars. And This HIA Workshop Has Strong Potential Help To Fill Up Many Of These Gaps And Help To Define The Strategic Relationship Between Health And Environment, Health And Food Security, Health And Energy Security, Among The Area That We Also Interested In, Exploring In Detail…

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